Ventoxx RV-30

Ventoxx RV30

This is the bestseller! Ventilation devices Ventoxx RV-30 refer to the standard product line of Ventoxx systems. With a circular mounting shell, this species of Ventoxx system is ideal for both new buildings and for energy-efficient renovation of buildings.


Ventoxx RV-30s

Ventoxx RV 30 S

The ventilation unit Ventoxx RV-30 S has been designed specifically for buildings with thin outer walls (wall thickness less than 300 mm), the residents of which should no longer give up all advantages of ventilation systems with heat recovery Ventoxx.


Ventoxx RV-25

Ventoxx RV25 ventilation unit

Ventoxx RV-25 follows the principle of operation for the ventilation unit Ventoxx RV-30, but it may be installed without external cover.